Ways a Blog can Earn you Money

Ways a Blog can Earn you Money

The very obvious step to take when considering earning money from blogging is simply, owning one. You should own a blog that provides dedicated, high quality and original content to readers on a timely basis. This is considering the fact that your topic of interest have most probably been covered or is being covered by other bloggers out there; credibility and authenticity in your blog’s articles are what makes them stand out and increase your blog’s popularity and visibility in search engines. Only with such a platform can you begin thinking about how to start earning money from your blog.

Minimum requirements

In short, to start making some cash from blogs, you need to take the following into consideration:

  • A blog– you cannot have a recipe without ingredients, right? You want to earn from a blog, you need one. For those who already have one, skip to the other requirements.
  • Create an established platform– use the content of your blog’s articles to make your readers have complete faith in you. As you educate them, you also gain authority which is a good platform for making money.
  • Create a social network– as your good content helps gather curious visitors, take advantage of their visits to create a rapport with them through social networking platforms. You could also request them to invite their friends through links that refer them to your blog.
  • Quality content– for those who already have blogs, it is now time to optimize it with valuable and informative content that will appeal to people in your specific topic of interest. It is the only guaranteed way to earn visitors and retain them as well.
  • Consider the different methods of earning– you can earn money from blogs in a myriad of ways; some are direct while others indirect. Just make sure you stick to a plan that you are most comfortable with as we will see later.

Be psychologically prepared

Before you begin wondering how your blog will be generating enough income, it is important to note that majority of the money you get from your blog will not be direct but probably through other means. You will use your blog as a platform to launch or promote other products that are related to the contents of your articles. Other people will also use your blog to launch their products and you will charge them.

Dedication and consistency are also fundamental aspects when you want to earn money from your blog. Do not forget creativity either. Not only do you need to work hard, but smart in an equal proportion and be patient. In short, the secret to a successful blog is patience, creativity and hard work.

As already mentioned, there are different ways to earn money from a blog. You are free to use different combinations of them at will, as long as they are streaming in income and that’s not even the best part. You should use different combinations or streams of income no matter how little the income may seem to you. With time these little bits can add up to a reasonable amount.

Ways to earn from your blog

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is an indirect marketing technique, which involves marketing other peoples’ products or services at a commission. It is a good starting point for beginners who have not yet established themselves online. Besides, it also gains traffic to your blog which improves its popularity. In affiliate marketing, you make links to the product or service you are promoting via your own affiliate link on your own site or on a different site. When someone follows that link and completes a request as stipulated by the marketing firm or website, then you will be entitled to a commission.

  • Sale of services

Everybody is talented at something in life. Why not cherish that innate ability that you can do perfectly online. You can offer your services for a fee in the fields of app development, video editing, cooking, consultancy, designing, software writing, language tutoring, article writing, digital freelancing or any other field you are a master in. You can become a virtual assistant and without a doubt you can earn a substantial income from this.

  • Advertising

Unlike affiliate marketing, advertising is a direct income generation scheme from your site. Direct advertising can take a variety of platforms from display ads, private ads, reviews or giveaways as well as podcasts sponsorships. You could also utilize sponsored posts and advertising takeaways.

Display ads or banners are graphic images that are tactically positioned in your site not only to achieve a visual appeal but to lure visitors that come to your blog to click on them and make a purchase of the promoted product. They are provided through ad networks such as Google AdSense and Beacon Ads amongst others.

Private Ads on the other hand are very similar to display ads with the only difference being in the exclusion of ad networks. The blogger deals directly with the target buyer. Podcast sponsorships involve advertising to other online advertisers through the email newsletters you give them at an agreed fee. While in sponsored posts, you write posts about a company’s products at a fee with full knowledge of your readers.

  • Digital asset marketing

Digital assets include images, videos, applications and themes, eBooks and domains amongst many others. You can use images or videos relevant to the content of your articles to introduce them. Besides that, you could also sell them to others who would wish to use them for advertising purposes. If you are a talented app developer, you could use sites like creative market to sell them and link buyers to your blog in the process. You could also write multiple eBooks and sell them through your blog.

  • Physical sales

You could use your blog to physically sell to potential customers both within your proximity and those located away. Google search engine can come in handy since its recent configurations help businesses to grow locally by identifying customers within a seller’s proximity. The products being promoted can vary from books to tickets and manufactured products.


Earning money from a blog takes time and a lot of patience, not to mention creativity in order to achieve success. Blogs generally face stiff competition from websites and as a result, hard work and resilience is crucial. Consider your personality to establish which topic is most suited for you because what has succeeded for another blogger might not automatically be a success story for you. If you are also thirsty to make money from a new blog but have no idea where to start, do a research on other established bloggers who write in your particular niche of interest. Borrow ideas on what they write about, but do not copy their methods and contents; originality is fundamental if you intend to prosper.   

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