How to Make Money Online Today Using SEO

How to Make Money Online Today Using SEO

If at all you have sunk deep into the SEO game, chances are you indulged into it for one specific purpose; to make money. If that isn’t your motive and you are on a philanthropic quest, then you are one in a million; most people are in just to make good money. Those who realized it some years back have managed to use it as their success vehicle. Surprisingly, it is a fantastic journey that one needs to continuously strive to improve. This article has captured the nitty gritty aspects involved in making money online using SEO. Conversion-rate-optimization

  1. Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing is widely received as an elusive sector in internet marketing filled with spams. Even though this had been the case for years, many authentic companies have recently ventured in creating affiliate programs with an aim to generate massive profits by reducing their marketing costs. This has resulted to a new era of affiliate marketers who firmly stand behind products they endorse, putting their reputations at risk for the purpose of pushing their products. In order to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey and drive more traffic to your site, you will need to use SEO.

  1. Selecting what to Promote

From an SEO point of view, affiliate marketing is mainly focused on locating products with a huge traffic search and affiliate products offering a substantial amount of commission per sale. If you intend to make good sales, avoid products that pay less.

Personal affiliate marketers opt to promote products, which they are more passionate about or those that tie to a particular niche they like. This is definitely a great way to monetize your blog or even create an alternative source of income from the knowledge you have in a particular field. In the case of a personal blogger, products normally tend to have low commissions despite being products they recommend, believe in and genuinely use.

Another type of affiliate marketer seeks to merge their personal knowledge to a firm SEO strategy so as to build a site that has the capacity to earn substantial revenue over time.

  1. Keywords that Drive Traffic

The moment you make up your mind on the niche you intend to set up your affiliate site for, consider finding keywords which will drive visitors to your website. Here are two options to get you started:

Choose a product to endorse within your niche then find a related keyword to it. This will prompt you to begin by conducting a research on the affiliate products that are top performing within your niche. For instance, you could set up an account with ClickBank to help you find products in your niche to write about your blog or website. Products to be promoted should first be sorted based on gravity number. This should then be followed by reading reviews about the product selected with a higher gravity numbers to gain adequate information to enable you get a suitable keyword. Google Keyword Planner, which is reliable, free, and simple and fast, could assist youfind keywords. Its only downside however is getting closely related terms.

Locate buyer keywords within your niche and also find products applicable to those terms. This is the other option for selecting affiliate products and it involves beginning with general terms, which describe your blogs agenda. Learn from people’s searches later onto get some great keywords.

5.Competitor Landing Pages and Google Keyword Planner

Google will come in handy, as it displays what the top performing searches and blogs that are in the SERPs. You therefore should come up with and save a list of the top sites in your niche. Then enter the URLs gathered one by one on the Google Keyword Planner. It will show you a list of keywords, which Google considers targeted by the page you keyed in. Top blogs, being in quite a competitive space, will have spent a lot of time finding good keywords, which you should put to use for the site you are working on. Export keywords with enough trafficinto a spreadsheet, combining them and removing duplicates. You can further refine your list omitting long tail keywords from your seed keyword list.

  1. Affiliate page/site set up

Most individuals begin setting up their sites on the free Web 2.0as it is easy to set up and free. This may surely work, but you’ll need to remember that you are only requesting for space when using free platform and that your page can be taken down anytime. If you intend to experiment with SEOs at first and willing to risk your pageas you have no money, you could use a Web 2.0 platform for your site. However, it’s advisable to host your own site.

  1. Affiliate site self-hosting.

It’s preferable to create a site on its own domain. This could be made possible by securing hosting at an affordable rate per month and a free domain having numerous hosting packages. WordPress for instance makes website setting up quite simple with its user friendly and simple content management system. It has an array of free themes, which you can pick from oryou can buy a premium one.

After installing WordPress and adding a theme of your choice, you will then need to simply incorporate content to the site. If the site you are establishing is to resemble a blog, you should have at least about six posts and about-us page. Don’t forget your keywords while doing your blogs or the measures you prefer individuals partaking.

You can as well set up your website like a typical site that has a blog. This option is suitable for an affiliate site as it funnels authority from different blogs to one single page. Regardless, you have to create distinctive content for your website. Suppose you opt to use filter content or a PLR (Public Lending Right), avoid content duplicates by setting the pages to a no-follow.

  1. Optimize for Conversions

Irrespective of the great traffic you obtain in your site, if you aren’t converting then definitely you don’t stand a chance to make money. Ensure you optimize the pages well for conversions by using cheap tools such as Instapage to create and split test the pages you have set up. You can use paid ads to test your website before optimizing for the keywords. In case your pages seldom convert, it means you have a bad keyword or poor layout. For WordPress, Yoast SEO plugin to optimize pages would come in handy.

  1. Link Building Techniques

This is important to rank your site. You need to make your site stand out by link building for example guest posting, an outreach or relationship-based link building or generating social signals/shares such as Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook to your site.


The thought of establishing a website and making residual income from it for years, is a vision for many. This article has managed to capture insightful information that will help you make more money online with the assistance of SEO. However, you’ll need to put on some level of effort to make it a success.




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