How to Earn Money from Your Blog

How to Earn Money from Your Blog

Your blog can earn you money if you utilize it correctly. Most people start blogs with the aim of making some money, but things fail to turn out as per their expectations. This might be because they didn’t implement some important techniques or they simply didn’t utilize their blog fully. If you are one of those startup bloggers, here is some information to help you turn things around and start earning with your blog.

  • Monetize with CPM and CPC Ads

Placing ads on your website is among the best ways that can earn you money. The two commonly used types of ads include:

  • PPC/CPC Ads: Pay per click also known as cost per click issome ads banner that bloggers place on their sidebars or contents. Whenever visitors click on the ads, the owner of the blog is paid for each click.
  • CPM Ads: Just like PPC/CPC ads, the CPM ads earn the blogger money whenever visitors click on the ads. However, these ads are a bit different because the owner of the blog is paid based on the total number of people who view the ads.

Google AdSense remains to be the best shot for placing these ads because the platform doesn’t require direct contacts with the advertisers. What you are required to do is place the banners on your website and Google will select the ads that appear to be relevant to your website’s contents. Your visitors will then have the opportunity to click on these ads. You may also try, Infolinks and Chitika.

  • Sell Private Ads

You may also sell private ads to advertisers. However, you will need to have sufficient traffic for the advertisers to come looking for you. Additionally, you may contact them directly and ask them whether you could place their ads on your website. Some common private ads include buttons, links or banners. Advertisers may also request you to write a review of their services or products. You may also write just about anything and mention the advertiser in your post. They will pay you for mentioning them in your content. To ensure that you increase your income, consider selling sponsored spaces in your videos, podcasts and newsletters.

  • Affiliate links

Including affiliate links in the contents you write can earn you good money. Affiliate links can earn you money through the following ways:

  • Advertisers may be having some products they are looking to sell. They agree to pay you a certain amount if buyers come from your website.
  • They may provide you with a totally unique link to track your affiliate code. This allows them to know when buyers use your link to buy something.
  • You may include the provided affiliate link on your website. This can be through placing it directly inside your content or in banner ads. Whenever a visitor clicks on the link and purchases the recommended product, the advertiser will pay you a certain percentage of the product bought.

Consider utilizing affiliate marketing using some well known ad networks such as Amazon Associates. Moreover, you may want to create some private collaboration with businesses and advertisers who run affiliate programs.

  • Selling digital products

If advertising products is too much for you, maybe you should try selling some digital products such as

  • Online workshops or courses
  • Apps
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Images

It is important to note that, choosing any of these digital products requires you to create useful and appropriate contents to your readers. Additionally, in order to be successful in these avenues, you will need to pay attention to what your readers need so that you can develop digital products that suit their needs.

  • Selling memberships

You may also make money by selling some exclusive memberships to your website. However, you will need to be credible so that people can comfortably buy these memberships. For example, career blogs might charge approximately $15 each month so that the users can be allowed to access the available jobs boards. Moreover, you may sell memberships to some special forums whereby startup businesses receive personalized advices on how to improve their businesses.

In order to sell memberships, you will need to convince people that whatever they are buying will be useful to them. Moreover, your exclusive membership needs to be better than that provided by your competitors. For you to maximize on selling memberships, your membership shouldn’t be provided elsewhere for free. Be sure not to overprice the memberships or people may be reluctant to purchase them.

  • Use your blog to build credibility

Credibility and blogging go hand in hand. If you build credibility using your blog, you may come across a wide range of opportunities to earn money. For example, assume that you have started a finance related blog. Write some high quality content that is useful to your readers. Your blog will become popular and many people will be visiting it for finance related news, updates or issues. This will earn you credibility in the industry.

With such authority, different people may start approaching you wanting to co-author some finance related books. Moreover, you could speak at finance conferences and charge. Additionally, you may be called to advice employees during financial training days. Although this can prove to be time consuming, it is worth it and has worked for numerous other bloggers before.

  • Creating quality content

This has to be emphasized. It is not possible for your blog to earn you money if people have no interest to read your content. For this reason, it is wise to create high quality content that is relevant to your readers. Your readers will make you some money if at all they click on the ads you place on your website. Moreover, you will earn money if your site visitors buy products from your website. Therefore, it is important to have your readers in mind whenever you are writing something. Be sure not to include content that doesn’t interest them.

  • Build relationships

A successful blog requires strong relationships with affiliate partners, sponsors, and other bloggers. These are the individuals who will ensure that your website receives the much needed traffic. Ensure that you spend some quality time on other blogs and forums in order to build strong relationships.


It is prudent to note that, some of these avenues and money making tips won’t work for you. Therefore, you should consider improvising some of them to find out what really works for your readers. Although making money through blogging may require a lot of hard work and persistence, it is a rewarding venture worth giving a try. Some of the tips here may fail to work in your industry thus, try to find out what other bloggers are doing. You may also want to learn from an established blogger in your industry. SEO




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