How to Earn Money Online with SEO

How to Make Money Online with SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing


moneyz-1200x671Affiliate marketing revolves around a performance oriented type of marketing where a business gifts an affiliate for each client brought by the affiliates marketing efforts. This kind of market involves four main key players inclusive of the retailer/ businessperson, the affiliate, the network where you link up to the affiliate and finally the customers who you serve. Like other marketing methods, affiliate marketing employs the strategy of regular advertising.

Despite the differences in various marketing methods, every businessperson must choose the best marketing plan that promotes his/her interests. No one hates to build up a site while at the same time enjoy some income from its existence.

In today’s era, most people have learned the importance of affiliate marketing and therefore have opted to cut-low advertising cost through these affiliate programs. The key point is that this program drives high quality and enough traffic to your site or page using the search engine optimization.By this type of marketing, it is possible to make an extra profit if you affiliate with other persons who have a strong and high rank in the market. The stronger your affiliate network is, the more you earn in the long run. So, how do you make money online with this SEO run Affiliate Marketing? Check out on this:

  • Choose your niche

For one, before making any move you must define what you really want to promote in your affiliate associates. Commonly, you must be focused on getting products, which have great deals of search traffic and has products that offer high commission per every sale made.

Unlike commercial affiliate, personal marketers always choose the items that they are passionate about and match their niche. Gauging on output, it is a good way to make money from personalized blogs or making more from the skills and the knowledge that you may be possessing in a particular field.

Now, an affiliate marketer may combine the knowledge that a personal marketer may be possessing with the SEO strategy in building a site, which has the capacity to earn more over its lifetime.So, let the product be of your choice and that matches your passion.

  • Keywords that matter

After knowing what your niche is and having defined your product, you need to research on the keywords that can drive traffic to your site whereas getting more visitors to your site.As for this, you must find keywords that are related to your product. You can do this by doing a research on the keywords that are at the top affiliate’s products in the industry.

After doing the keyword research by your products’ niche, second is to find out the keywords that buyers in the same niche as yours, the products related and relevant to the keywords.In so doing. you will have prepared to make a blog that with your affiliates may bring some extra earning from them.

  • Top search engine Keyword planner

Google through its keyword planner acts as a good forum for us to look for the right keywords that are mostly used by users by enlisting the top site and the best performing blogs. For instance, if you are doing a keyword research on diet, you may Google search by typing the word ‘diet’ on the Google’s search panel. The results will give you the quality sites that appear first meaning that they are the most visited. In here you can peruse through to secure the winning keywords.

Upon doing the search, the top blogs will appear on the search results page giving you a wide variety of selections to choose from. For instance, you may make a listing of the top most ten to twenty URLs that results and relate to your niche. So doing guarantees you of the best keywords that you may use with your affiliate panel to attract more customers.

  • Configuring your affiliate site

Most of us do start by configuring sites based on the web 2.0 free platforms since they are easy and cheap to set up. However, you must keep this from your plan since free platforms are never useful and they only give you a limited time to run on their product. It’s recommended that you fight hard to hosting your own site instead of playing the dirty card in free borrowed space that you may be forced to evacuate at any time or even your site may collapse.

Hosting a self-affiliate site by creating on your own domain is good. For this, it’s possible to host for a specified amount and free domain containing many hosting packages.

If any of this doesn’t feel good for you, you can opt to set up your site just like any other website with a blog. Either way, what matters is the content that you upload on this site.

  • Optimize conversions

Forgetting to convert your traffic is like being hire for a job with no pay. Thus, you should keep in mind that you have to optimize your page and use tools that are cheap to set up and split test your page. Paid ads are better way of testing your page for keyword and layout optimization. Setting up ads may require you to use the keywords that you planned to get on every of the pages and see how best they can convert.

Pages and posts also need to be optimized. SEO word press by Yoast is a plugin that allows you to optimize your page for a single keyword by simply following the suggestions offered by the tool.

  • Building links for affiliates

Building link is key to the high ranking in SEO for a website. However, this link building does not come by chance; you must make it outstand more than others so that it can be seen and be highly ranked.

Outreach linking up covers editorial network from relevant websites that are at the cream of the rest. This kind of linking up needs you to have a linkable asset and outstanding outreach method.Proper linking up needs you to identify what other people are linking up for, depending on your niche and then link up to the same but make sure your content rocks more.

Others known as the relationship-based links entails both personal and professional links, which allows you to uniquely get links, which others cannot get. Being an existing affiliate with other companies that you may have earned some money for, keeps you at a better advantage of requesting a link to your new site to keep it going. If it is personal in terms of friends, also you may ask them to create a link for your new site.

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